Autumn’s love of music became clear by the age of 6 months, when she started dancing excitedly to any musical beat. Her favorite piece in the beginning was “Beetlejuice” along with anything else by Danny Elfman. She very quickly learned to recognize both the look and sound of all the instruments in the orchestra, her tastes focusing on classical music, and by the time she was 3 she had her heart set on playing the harp. By age 5 Autumn had been consistent in her desire for two years so mom and dad finally gave in, purchasing a small Dusty Strings Lever harp and taking her to a few lessons here and there to encourage the desire without overwhelming her. This motivated her to work through some serious vision problems, a broken arm, and a surgery that all occurred at that age, so that she could begin playing the harp seriously! Autumn began lessons and practicing in earnest when she was 7 and her passion and love for her music continues to this day.

Autumn has now been composing her own music for several years as well as performing regularly in orchestras and in solo settings. She has participate in the Berklee Global String Intensive for three summers in a row, presenting a composition of her own for improv and performance each time. She also enjoys playing for weddings, luncheons, standalone concerts and other engagements with her mother on flute as “Espressivo Flute and Harp.” 

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